Company Profile

GROUP1” & “Navaid Husain
were set up in 1976 when Navaid Husain set up these firms as the original practice UNIT4 where he was a partner was terminated. The first project, PIA Squash Complex designed and supervised by the firm was nominated for the Aga Khan award for Architecture but dropped due to his partner’s collaboration with the Aga Khan committee. 

The firm also won design awards, the first one being the Bureau of Statistics building in Gizri, Karachi covering 80,000 sq ft of space. The second one was a futuristic building for the Sind Accountant General, covering 180,000 sq ft of space, unfortunately this never commenced. 

Ever since the practices carried out various projects for the World Bank, the Government, local and multi national firms. This has given the practice lot of design experience. Moreover since the last ten years the firm has AUTO Cad experience (making computer based) drawings. Enclosed is a brief pictorial of our projects. 

Since 1988 Navaid Husain set up an environmental advocacy NGO at his office. This gave the architectural practice insights into doing environmentally friendly buildings.