Services Offered

Architectural Designing

Engineering and constructing buildings for both commercial and residential use is the core of our company. We have been in the business for about 3 decades now and have always lived up to the expectations of our clients. We have been working in both private and government sectors including a few overseas projects as well. Some of our work can be seen on the Architectural Design link on this website.

Interior Designing

Eras change from time to time and place to place. Every new region in the world takes you to an entirely different culture and living standards. Interior designing is all about the way of living; its the aura of surroundings. An interior design can be anything from a simple room to a luxurious palace. What's important is the place should provide comfort and ease to its user.

We have been involved in a lot of interior designing projects that gives richness to our existing business and help us in providing diversity to our services. Some of our interior work can be seen on the
Interior Design link on this website.

Outdoor Layouts

When God created this planet, the most beautiful sight in the early days was the landscape, the nature and its amazing colours. This gave an insight to man to preserve this beauty and make it much more attractive. Outdoor layout is what actually gives an insight to taste and cleanliness of people living inside the house, management and employees of a company or factory and to speak in a much broader way, about the citizens of a city or individuals of a nation.

At NHA, we offer services for outdoor layouts, whether it be the exterior look of a home, company, social activity area, parks, gardens or exhibition spaces. Our outdoor portfolio can be seen on the Outdoor Layout link on this website.


In our view, preserving construction is very essential to keep a building strong. Renovation does not mean, giving a totally new look to an interior or exterior of a building, it simply means strengthening the construction to make it last more. It is always possible to repair construction, giving a new look to an old building or making an existing interior more comfortable by going through the process of renovation.

Keeping in view the necessity of renovating living and working environments to enhance standards or repairing surroundings, NHA offers its splendid services in this field too. You may contact us on phone or through internet for inquiry or for simply placing an order.